Elected Republicans Must Protect American Democracy, Preserve Election Integrity

Friday, December 11, 2020

43 Alumni for America logoOn November 3, Joe Biden won a free and fair election and is the rightful president-elect of the United States. It is shameful that Republican members of Congress, some state Attorneys General and state legislators, including some of our former colleagues, are openly defying their oaths to the Constitution and perpetrating a direct assault on our American democracy. Their actions are unprecedented in the history of our republic and completely without merit or legal standing.

Instead of serving one man, they must serve all of their constituents and uphold our sacred tradition of peaceful transfer of power. If they cannot defend the Constitution and protect the voting rights of all citizens, they should not hold public office.

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43 Alumni for America is a registered Political Action Committee consisting of a group of people who served in the 43rd Administration who formed to engage citizens with shared concerns about the future of our country while promoting honor, integrity and empathy among our nation’s elected officials.