Below is a list of several hundred 43 alumni who publicly indicated their support by voting for Joe Biden to be the President of the United States.

Joseph Achacoso
Penrose “Parney” Albright
Under Secretary for Science & Technology, Homeland Security
Brooke Alexander
Commerce, White House,
Bush-Cheney 2000
Peter Allgeier
Deputy U.S. Trade Representative
David Almacy
Education, White House
Melanie Alvord
Transportation (FAA Assistant Administrator)
Emily Soeder Apte
Education, White House
Fred Armendariz
Small Business Administration Deputy Administrator
Scott Arogeti
White House (White House Liaison to the Jewish Community)
Carl Artman
Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs
Mandy Asberry
Bush-Cheney 2004
Adam Aschmann
Rebecca Ayer
White House, HHS (Office of Public Health and Science)
Michael C. Barnes
White House (ONDCP)
Beverly Barrett
State, White House
Christopher Barton
White House (NSC)
Daniel Batlle
State, USAID
Sarah Wagner Becker
Bush-Cheney 2004, White House
Jenny Willis Beech
Commerce, White House,
Bush-Cheney 2000
Scott Beech
Brandon Beshears
Danner Bethel
Education, Commerce,
Bush-Cheney 2000
Josephine Bias Robinson
White House, HHS (Office of Public Health and Science)
Katie Biber
RNC, Bush-Cheney 2004, Romney for President General Counsel
Tomas Bilbao
Housing and Urban Development
Jonathan F. Block
White House, Justice
Jeffrey Bobeck
Energy, Bush-Cheney 2000
David Brailer
Health and Human Services
John Brennan
National Counterterrorism Center, CIA Director
Janelle Carter Brevard
Commerce, State
Greg Brower
U.S. Attorney for the District of Nevada
Jeffrey Brown
White House Council of Economic Advisers, Social Security Advisory Board
Michael G. Brown
Bush-Cheney 2000, EPA
Paul Brubaker
Transportation Chief Technology Adviser
Max Buccini
White House
Michael Burns
Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security
Orlando J. Cabrera
Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing, Housing and Urban Development
Brian Cairns
White House, Homeland Security
Sally Canfield
Bush-Cheney 2000, White House, HHS, Homeland Security
Amb. Brian E. Carlson
Ambassador to Latvia
Jason Carroll
Homeland Security, RNC
Jamie Carroll
White House, Bush-Cheney 2004
Kimberly Casey
Ed Cash
Homeland Security
William Cervin
Defense, White House, Bush-Cheney 2004, RNC
Barbara Chaffee
Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security
Nicole Larouere Chmura
Housing and Urban Development
Cindy Christian
White House (OMB),
Homeland Security
Raul Cisneros
Small Business Administration
David Clark
Deputy Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel
Heath Clayton
White House
Molly Colbert
Sonia Colin-Reed
Bush-Cheney 2000 Hispanic Spokeswoman
Jill Collins
Bush-Cheney 2000,
Bush-Cheney 2004, RNC
Sarah Ransbottom Costanza
White House, Bush-Cheney 2004
Christopher Coughlin
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Bret Coulson
Bush-Cheney 2000 & Transition
Christi Cowden
Bush-Cheney 2000, Energy
Lyndsay Cruz
Education, Treasury
Craig Daniel
Bush-Cheney 2004,
Homeland Security, Treasury
Catherine Davis
Commerce, Education
Todd Deatherage
Suzanne DeFrancis
Deputy Assistant to the President for Communications; Assistant Secretary of HHS
Linnet Deily
Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. Ambassador to the World Trade Organization
Amb. Linnet Deily
Deputy U.S. Trade Representative & Ambassador to the World Trade Organization
Lauren Dorff
USAID, Advance, RNC
Michael Dorff
Veterans Affairs, White House, Agriculture, Education, Justice
Maurie Dugger
RNC, Labor
Cindy Dyer
Director of the Office on Violence Against Women (Justice)
Eric Earling
Kimmie Ellison
White House, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, RNC
Clark K. Ervin
Inspector General (DHS); Inspector General (State)
Scott Evertz
Director of White House Office of National AIDS Policy; HHS
John Farner
Bush-Cheney 2000, Commerce
Chip Felkel
Bush-Cheney 2000
Rudy Fernandez
Special Assistant to the President, Transportation, Bush-Cheney 2004
Todd Ferrara
Mindy Finn
Bush-Cheney 2004, RNC
Stephen Fong
Emil Frankel
Assistant Secretary for Policy, Transportation
Joseph Fredericks
Marc Fricchione
White House
Daniel Fridman
Kim Fuller
Bush-Cheney 2000,
Bush-Cheney 2004
Sara Frankfurt Gail
White House
Jonathan Ganter
White House, Justice
Kelly Ganzberger
White House, RNC
John S. Gardner
Deputy Assistant to the President
David Garman
Under Secretary of Energy, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Spencer E. Geissinger
Deputy Assistant to the President for Operations; Assistant Chief of Protocol (State)
Holly Gerberich
Thomas Gibson
EPA Chief of Staff
Tony Gius
RNC, White House,
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Amb. James K. Glassman
Under Secretary of State; Founding Executive Director, George W. Bush Institute
Jarryd Gonzales
Bush-Cheney 2004,
State GOP Party
Robert J.  Goodwin
Defense, State, White House, USAID
Felice Gorordo
Homeland Security (Citizenship & Immigration Services), Commerce, State (Cuba Task Force)
Abel Guerra
Bush-Cheney 2000, White House
Jimmy Gurulé
Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
Ryan Haddad
Serenety Hanley
RNC, EPA, White House
Jamie Brown Hantman
Special Assistant to the President; Justice
Maureen Harrington
Millennium Challenge Corporation Vice President (State)
Morgan Harris
White House, Commerce, RNC
Genevieve Woodard Hartley
Bush-Cheney 2000, Treasury, Homeland Security
Andrew Hartzell
National Endowment for the Humanities
Katy Hayes
White House
Sharon Hays
White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (Deputy Director for Science)
Kevin Herglotz
David H. Hill
White House, Bush-Cheney 2004, Commerce, Treasury
Faye Hilpert
Housing and Urban Development, Education
Octavio Hinojosa Mier
Betsy Holahan
Caroline Katzin Hooper
US Embassy Beijing
Reynold Hoover
Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security
Betty Houser
White House
John Howard
White House; EPA; National Advisory Council on Environmental Policy and Technology Chair
Olivia Howe
White House
Charlie Howell
White House
Loren Hyatt
White House
John “Wes” Irvin
Tim Isgitt
Julius Jackson
Brian Jackson
GSA Chief of Staff
Heather Janik
White House
Catherine Jaynes
Greg Jenkins
Deputy Assistant to the President for Operations; Commerce Director of Communications
Tony Jimenez
Commerce, White House,
Bush-Cheney 2004
Coddy Johnson
White House,
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Dave Johnson
Tim Johnson
Agriculture, Homeland Security
Harvey Johnson
FEMA Deputy Administrator
Christopher Jones
Nicol A. Jones
Homeland Security, Agriculture
Warren  Junium III
White House
Erin Karriker
White House
Andy Karsner
Assistant Secretary of Energy
Steve Katsurinis
White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
Kim Kendrick
Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (Housing and Urban Development)
Kelly Kenneally
White House
Joe Kennedy
Commerce Chief Economist
Christopher Keppler
State (Director of Strategic Communications & Media Affairs)
Karen Kirksey
Bush-Cheney 2000, Labor, Agriculture, GSA
John Koehn
Stephanie Komen 
Health & Human Services
Ashley Korb
Housing and Urban Development
Michael Koroluk
Homeland Security, Labor,
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Lindsey Kozberg
Special Assistant to the President, Director of Public Affairs at Education
Katie Simonds Krug
White House
Wade Lairsen
White House, State, RNC, Bush-Cheney 2004
Jan Langbein
Justice (Office on Violence Against Women)
David Langdon
White House, Bush-Cheney 2000, Bush-Cheney 2004, RNC
James C. Langdon III
White House,
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Gwen Mannweiler Langley
Amb. Frank Lavin
Ambassador to Singapore, Under Secretary of Commerce
Dallas Lawrence
Education, Defense
Andy Le
Office of the Vice President, Advance
Daniel Lee
White House
Stephanie Smith Lee
Andy Lei
Agriculture, RNC,
Bush-Cheney 2004, Advance
Emily Huie Leitch
White House
Leighann Lenti
Stephanie Linder
White House, State
Benjamin Lindsay
White House
Kimmie Lipscomb
White House, Interior
Kimani S. Little
Justice (Civil Rights Division)
Eric Livingston
Lauren Lobrano
White House (OMB)
Sarah Lockart
White House, Treasury, Labor
Steve Lutes
Commerce (International Trade Administration)
Thomas Madison
Administrator, Federal Highway Administration, Transportation
Windsor Mann
Bush-Cheney 2004
Alvaro Marin
Commissioner for President's Committee on Mental Retardation
Rosario Marin
Treasurer of the United States
Megan Markel
Tiffany Martin
Housing and Urban Development
Nikki McArthur
White House, HHS
Kevin McCrea
Labor, Small Business Administration
Robert McCreary
Labor, White House
Allegra McCullough
Small Business Administration
Catherine McEaddy Holmes
White House
Congressman Paul McHale
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense, Former U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania, Bronze Star recipient
Sally McKeag
David McWilliams
Patrick Mendoza
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004, EPA
Meredith Merritt
White House, Homeland Security
David Meyers
White House
Scott Milburn
White House (OMB)
Lisa Camooso Miller
Commerce, RNC Director of Communications
Jen Millikin
Bush-Cheney 2004, GSA
Richard Mills
Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, Commerce, State
Sec. Norm Mineta
Secretary of Transportation
Daniel Mintz
Katy Ballenger Mitarai
State, Bush-Cheney 2004, SBA
John Mitnick
Homeland Security General Counsel, Associate Counsel to the President, Justice
Jacob M. Monty
Board of Directors of the Border Environment Cooperation Commission, North American Development Bank
Marisel Morales
Housing and Urban Development
Michael Napolitano
White House, State, Commerce, Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Amb. John Negroponte
Director of National Intelligence, Deputy Secretary of State, Amb. to Iraq, Amb. to the UN
Brooks Nelson
White House (USA Freedom Corps)
Elizabeth Neumann
White House, Education, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security (Trump Administration)
Lauren Newton
White House
Vinh Nguyen
Advance, Bush-Cheney 2004
Grant Nichols
White House, Justice
S. Michele Nix
Homeland Security
Michael O’Brien
Manuel Ochoa
Housing and Urban Development
Cheryl Oldham
White House; Assistant Secretary of Education
Chris Orlando
EPA Communications Director
John E. Osborn
Commissioner, US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
Charlie Ozburn
Small Business Administration
Richard Painter
Associate Counsel to the President (Ethics)
Jane Pak
Small Business Administration, Labor
Kimberley Palmese
Education, Homeland Security, Labor, White House, Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Amy Paridy
Kevin Parks
Presidential Inaugural Committee
Robert H. Pasternack
Assistant Secretary of Education
T. Paresh Patel
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004, RNC
David Patterson
White House
Parker M. Payne
Energy, Treasury, Bush-Cheney 2004, RNC
Christina Pearson
Assistant Secretary of HHS
Rena Pederson
Richard Peltz
Appalachian Regional Commission (Presidential Appointee)
Sec. Mary Peters
Secretary of Transportation
Michael Petrucelli
Homeland Security,
Export-Import Bank
Mark Phillippe
HHS, Marine Corps combat veteran
William Pierce
Deputy Assistant Secretary of HHS
Elizabeth Pitts
White House, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education
Tyler S. Posey
Peace Corps
Jason Potts
Abby Potts
Education (Senior Policy Adviser)
General Colin Powell
Secretary of State
Katherine M. Prendergast
White House, Homeland Security
Melissa Price
State, White House, NASA
Tiffany Breaux Pritchett
White House, Commerce
Kristopher Purcell
White House, State, Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Karen Quarles
Education, Bush-Cheney 2000, OPM
Anne Rader
National Council on Disability
Matt Raymond
Shelley Reese
White House,
Homeland Security
Gov. Tom Ridge
Governor of Pennsylvania, Assistant to the President & Homeland Security Adviser, First Secretary of Homeland Security
Dawn Riley
Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture
Christina Roberts
White House,
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Thomas Roberts
Agriculture, Bush-Cheney 2004
Tessa Robinson
Homeland Security (FEMA), GSA
Jocelyn Rogers
White House
Kenia Romero
Bush-Cheney 2004
Webber Barton Roscher
Education, Housing and Urban Development, White House
Scott Sadler
Bush-Cheney 2000 State Director
Rob Saliterman
White House, Treasury, RNC, Bush-Cheney 2004
Mario Sanchez
Bush-Cheney 2004
Bradley Saull
Homeland Security, Justice, White House
Mark Schnabel
Yale Scott
White House, Education, State
Scott Shadian
Kathleen Shanahan
Bush-Cheney 2000,
National Parks Foundation
Will E. R. Shaw
Gayle Shelton
General Services Administration
Kelley Keeler Short
Bush-Cheney 2000,
White House, Housing and Urban Development
Jill Sigal
Assistant Secretary of Energy
Lauren Sigler
Kelly Sinclair
Douglas J. Singleton
State, Bush-Cheney 2004
Holly Smithson
State, EPA, Bush-Cheney 2004
Jennifer Smits-Kilgus
Housing and Urban Development, State, SBA
Adela M. Soriano
Small Business Administration
Daniel Alvarez Sox
White House
Sara Steele Hummel
White House, Defense, Housing and Urban Development
Melisa Stivaletti
Kimberly Strycharz Skinner
Everette Stubbs
White House, Bush-Cheney 2004, RNC
John Stubbs
Beth Supple
Commerce, US Int'l Trade Commission
Peter Surprenant
Sarah Simmons Swanson
White House
Dallas “Rob” Sweezy
Chairman of President's Advisory Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (HHS)
James Andrew Swift
Maria Pia Tamburri
White House, State
Chris Tanner
White House
Miles Taylor
Defense; White House; Homeland Security Chief of Staff (Trump Administration)
Matthew Teague
Small Business Administration, White House
Christina Estrada Teczar
Defense, Interior, Bush-Cheney 2004
Chip Thresher
Commerce (International Trade Administration), White House
Ansley Tillman Allison
Bush-Cheney 2000,
White House, Education 
Benjamin Tomchik
White House
Yenie Tran
Olivia Troye
Defense, ODNI, Homeland Security (Trump), White House Special Advisor to Vice President Pence for Homeland Security & Counterterrorism
Michael Turk
Energy, White House (OMB), Bush-Cheney 2004, RNC
James Ursomarso
Bush-Cheney 2000
Christian Vanderbrouk
White House, State, MCC
Yelena Vaynberg
Sec. Ann Veneman
Secretary of Agriculture
Valerie Walston
Kevin Walter
White House (OPM)
Clark Walton
Office of the Vice President
Lars Walton
White House, Bush-Cheney 2000
Erik Wang
HHS, Commerce, White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Michael Wascom
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation
James Waters
White House, Bush-Cheney 2004, Navy SEAL combat veteran
Shelby Watts Valdez
Commerce, RNC, State
Gov. Christine Todd Whitman
EPA Administrator
Kevin Wilkins
White House
Karen Willard
RNC, Transportation
Meghann Wilson
Homeland Security, Defense, Treasury, Bush-Cheney 2004
Claire Sherman Young
Dulce Zahniser
Overseas Private Investment Corporation, RNC
Neil Zimmerman
Bush-Cheney 2000, White House, State

43 Alumni Allied Organizations

Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden

Admiral Steve Abbot
Deputy Homeland Security Adviser
Mary Catherine Andrews
Special Assistant to the President (NSC)
Richard Armitage
Deputy Secretary of State
John Bellinger
State Department & NSC Legal Adviser
Admiral Kenneth Bernard
Special Assistant to the President (NSC), Assistant Surgeon General (HHS)
Amb. Robert Blackwill
Ambassador to India; Deputy National Security Advisor
Amb. Linton Brooks
Under Secretary of Energy
Kara Bue
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Victor Cha
White House (NSC)
Thomas Christensen
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Eliot Cohen
Counselor to the Secretary of State
Col. (Ret.) Dr. Joseph Collins
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
Heather Conley
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Patrick Cronin
Amb. Sada Cumber
Special Envoy (State)
Mike Donley
Secretary of the Air Force
Raymond DuBois
Under Secretary of the Air Force
Amb. Eric Edelman
Ambassador to Finland; Ambassador to Turkey; Under Secretary of Defense
Gary Edson
Deputy National Security Adviser
Richard Falkenrath
Deputy Homeland Security Adviser
Aaron Friedberg
Deputy Assistant to the Vice President
Janice Gardner
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
David Gordon
Colleen Graffy
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Michael Green
Special Assistant to the President (NSC)
General Michael Hayden
NSA Director, CIA Director
Ash Jain
James Kelly
Assistant Secretary of State
David Kramer
Assistant Secretary of State
Stephen Krasner
Ken Krieg
Under Secretary of Defense
Bruce Lamkin
Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force
Michael Leiter
Director of the National Counter-terrorism Center
Peter Lichtenbaum
Assistant Secretary of Commerce
James Loy
Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security
Peter Madigan
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
David Merkel
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
Holly Morrow
White House (NSC)
Sean O’Keefe
NASA Administrator, Deputy Director of Management & Budget
Daniel Price
Deputy National Security Adviser
Paul Rosenzweig
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security
Nicholas Rostow
White House (NSC)
Kori Schake
Wayne Schroeder
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
Amb. John Simon
White House (NSC)
Stephen Slick
Amb. William Taft IV
Amb. Shirin Tahir-Kheli
Special Assistant to the President (NSC)
William Tobey
Deputy National Nuclear Security Administrator (Energy)
Amb. Robert Tuttle
Ambassador to the United Kingdom
John Veroneau
Deputy U.S. Trade Representative
Michael Vickers
Assistant Secretary of Defense
Ken Wainstein
Homeland Security Adviser
Matthew Waxman
Dov Zakheim
Under Secretary of Defense
Philip Zelikow
Counselor to the Secretary of State

The Lincoln Project

Reed Galen
White House, Bush-Cheney 2000/2004
Sarah Lenti
White House (NSC), State
Steve Schmidt
Deputy Assistant to the President and Counselor to the Vice President; Bush-Cheney 2004
Stuart Stevens
Bush-Cheney 2000/2004