Rep. Liz CheneyOn January 6th, insurrectionists laid siege to the United States Capitol. They took up arms against free elections, free speech, and the work of free people assembled to support the Constitution of the United States. It was – and will forever be – one of our country’s darkest moments.

In today’s Republican Party, leadership continues to be defined by a requirement to lay down conscience for the sake of orange-tinged lies. Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s principled insistence that we call by name the evil of January 6th has marked her unwelcome to hold leadership in today’s elected class.

We applaud the Congresswoman for her speaking the truth and for her defense of the ideals held by all who seek freedom’s cause.

Congresswoman Cheney does not need a leadership position to prove her worth to democracy. However, we support Congresswoman Cheney and welcome more leaders with the courage required to proclaim truth when others seek to push “The Big Lie.”

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