43 Alumni for Biden logoAmericans are decent, hard-working people. We want our kids to attend good schools and our parents to live long independent lives. We want to be free to pursue our own version of safety and success. But if you look around at 2020, none of those goals are anywhere to be found. We are unable to earn a living due to massive unemployment. Schools cannot open safely in most communities, and our parents are dying from an uncontrolled virus. Where are our leaders? Who is taking responsibility for our current situation? Who do we trust to prioritize safety and bring the coronavirus under control? Who has helped lead this nation out of an economic disaster in the past and brought prosperity to the people of this great nation? Who is willing to step into this void and make tough choices? We are a group who served in George W. Bush’s administration. We have seen the importance of leadership up close and we know Joe Biden is the choice we need to make in November.

Character matters in our leaders. Joe Biden has proven himself over years of public service. We have seen him respectfully reach across the aisle, consider a different point of view and make a thoughtful decision to benefit the nation. Joe Biden is courageous and will tell the American people what we are facing, but will also have a plan to guide us through this difficult time. He is someone who has endured tragedy and can empathize with the pain of losing a loved one too soon. Joe has also experienced parental job loss and has lived with its consequences. Joe has faced adversity and come through it with his dignity intact. He will help us do the same during these trying times.

Over the past four years we, as a nation, have struggled with truth. Conspiracy theories have been legitimized and facts have been dismissed. The expertise of world-renowned scientists and physicians have been sidelined while the opinions of pundits have been embraced. Meanwhile, more than 170,000 Americans are dead due to this mismanaged crisis. As a nation, we have lost our moral compass.Children should never be separated from their parents and caged for seeking asylum in the US. It is cruel and inhumane. We need to get back to basics: facts matter, there is right and wrong. We can do that with Joe Biden in the Oval Office. He will listen to and work with experts to craft and execute plans to solve problems and ease suffering. Joe will act with integrity, he knows no other way to lead. We can trust him.

The onslaught of insults and vulgarity we have witnessed in recent years must stop. Our children are watching us. If we explain away misogyny and racism as political tactics we are complicit in normalizing completely inappropriate behavior. This is not who we are as a nation. Americans want a successful country, but how is that possible if what we see modeled from the White House is disrespect and outright hate? Joe’s kindness is sorely needed right now. He famously treats the train operator with the same dignity as his fellow senators. As former public servants, we believe that decency in government must not be allowed to die on the vine. We must take a stand and insist that it returns to the Office of the President.

Ultimately, we are looking for a president to lead. We need someone who will quickly course correct and show us the path forward. We need Joe Biden to restore character, integrity and decency to the White House. These principles are the cornerstone needed to rebuild a dignified, secure, resilient country. In order to emerge strong and ready to tackle the challenges before us, we must act. We must step up, get out of our comfort zone, and vote for Joe Biden. It is time for us to have initiative in our communities and networks to stand up for character, integrity, decency, and leadership. We the people need to step up and vote our conscience so Joe Biden can capably lead this country into the future.

43 Alumni for Biden

    Honorary Co-Chairs
    Sally Canfield, 2000 Bush for President Campaign Domestic Policy Advisor

    Suzanne DeFrancis, former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States and former Assistant Secretary, Health and Human Services

    Ambassador James K. Glassman, former Undersecretary, Department of State

    Jimmy Gurulé, former Undersecretary, Department of the Treasury

    Greg Jenkins, former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States

    Ambassador Frank Lavin, former Ambassador to Singapore and former Undersecretary, Department of Commerce

    Rosario Marin, former U.S. Treasurer

    Organizing Committee Members
    David Almacy, Department of Education, White House

    Michael Brown, 2000 Campaign, Department of State, Environmental Protection Agency

    John Farner, 2000 Campaign, Department of Commerce

    Todd Ferrara, Department of Agriculture

    Kelly Ganzberger, Republican National Committee, White House

    Abel Guerra, 2000 Campaign, White House

    Serenety Hanley, Republican National Committee, Environmental Protection Agency, White House

    Genevieve Woodard Hartley, 2000 Campaign, Department of the Treasury, Department of
    Homeland Security

    Tony Jimenez, White House, Department of Commerce

    Karen Kirksey, 2000 Campaign, Department of Agriculture

    Jennifer Millikin, 2004 Campaign, General Services Administration

    Kristopher Purcell, 2000/2004 Campaign, White House

    Michael Turk, 2004 Campaign, Republican National Committee, Department of Energy, Office of Management and Budget